Hey there – so you’re what an Insurance Intermediary looks like!

RoadHow is a great app and platform that is designed to help drivers of all ages and experience levels to learn new [and refresh existing] driving skills and knowledge, making them better and safer drivers. So, what does that mean to you? RoadHow will give you a USP that will help to improve your competitiveness, customer engagement and new business/retention levels. All in all, you’ll increase the lifetime value of your customers. Sounds great doesn’t it?

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Get better rates from insurers

RoadHow drivers are safer and have fewer accidents. Your insurer partners will have fewer claims to pay, improving your loss ratios. They’ll provide you with lower net rates so you can increase your margins by taking more commission.

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Retain more of your customers at renewal

You’ll have more frequent and meaningful customer engagement. Customers will see your brand every time they use RoadHow. Reward better drivers with lower premiums. A happy customer = they renew.

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Win more new customers

Use your lower net rates to win more new business. Pass on the premium discounts your insurer partners will provide and make yourself more competitive. That’s good news if you're on PCWs.

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Increase your product holdings per customer

RoadHow has nifty in-app marketing functionality. You can upsell additional motor products or cross-sell other products every time your customer uses RoadHow. You can also send renewal reminders.

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Added Corporate Social Responsibility benefits

Customers are increasingly looking to do business with ethical organisations. RoadHow can help you to promote safer driving, safer roads, and safer communities. Stand out from the crowd.

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Give yourself another revenue stream

Customers can upgrade their subscription to include RoadHow Rewards. We’ll provide you with a revenue share for each of your customers that does this. Money for nothing.