Why RoadHow?

RoadHow exists to help drivers to become better. Safer. More aware. Less of a risk on the road….which then helps insurance providers to save money because better drivers claim less often. Are you ready to join the RoadHow revolution? Here are a few key points you may be interested in…

Full app or SDK

Deploy a white-labelled app or cherry-pick functions via our SDK.

Full App SDK
Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

RoadHow uses AI and ML to crunch data that makes a difference.

Augmented Reality

We use the latest cutting-edge technology to support both drivers and insurance providers.

Augmented Reality
Data Structure

Data Security

We ensure that all data is treated with the utmost respect. Security is key.

Easy Deployment

We can have you up and running in under 20 minutes. We’re ready to go. Are you?

Easy Deployment
Plug and Play

Plug-and-play APIs

Our superb tech team will help you to set everything up in minutes. It’s easy.

RoadHow Courses

Assess Driver Knowledge

Build visibility of what a driver knows and doesn’t know. Use it to help assess risk. Think of it as a credit score for the driver’s knowledge of what to do on the road.

Enjoy Unrivalled Datasets

Gain access to unique real-time driver data. See how willing they are to learn. Access driver engagement and knowledge demographics on a scale that’s off the charts.

RoadHow Hub

Feature rich. Sticky. Engaging.

Drivers can avail of fantastic features that will make them use the app on an ongoing basis. No other driver-related app offers such an array of features and functions designed to help drivers on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

OK, so we reckon you’ve probably got some questions. Let’s see if we can answer a few common queries here – the rest we can walk through when we’re on a call….ready to talk?

Simple. Because RoadHow is the most advanced data platform of its kind, and outputs data and opportunities that will change the dial on how you do business.

As easy as it gets. We can get you up and running within minutes if you ever wanted to move that fast.

Yes you can. It’s free and easy. You don’t have to brand the app of course, but if you want to, it’s a simple process. No drama at all.

That’s your choice. You can deploy the whole app or you can use our SDK to access only the parts of the app you want to use within your business operation. We’re happy to support almost any preference you have.

Our Valued Partners

Here at RoadHow we're very proud to work with some great companies, teams and people. Here's a selection of valued partners that we work with day-to-day.....