Tips to overcome pressures of DVSA driving test delays

Feeling the pressure to pass first time


Sitting in the driver’s seat on your test day is nerve-wracking enough, but this year the pressure on learner drivers to pass first time is greater than ever. Practical test backlogs of over half a million are causing financial and emotional havoc for those itching to get on the road. And the government’s solution? To encourage learner drivers to pass first time.


Already feeling personal and financial pressures, it’s not the solution that many students will want to hear. But, as the best option on the table, RoadHow shares some practical tips to help you achieve a positive outcome.


Tick off your theory test

Top of your to-do list is to pass your official DVSA theory test for car drivers. You must pass this before you can book your practical test. Swot up on your highway code and head to RoadHow [http://onelink.to/ynyuvb] for free theory test practice, covering questions for the 2022 driving test, to secure a pass first time. If you don’t revise enough, you’re risking even longer delays to getting your licence.


Book the date

As soon as you hear you’ve passed your theory test, it’s time to book a date for your practical. Even if you don’t feel ready to pass yet, the huge backlog means that you’ll have plenty of time for lessons and clocking up driving experience.


Plan your lessons

Once you have your test date, work with your instructor to plan towards it. If you know you have plenty of regular lessons scheduled in, then you’ll feel more confident in your ability to pass. And if you have an extra-long wait before your test date, you can spread them out so you don’t have more than necessary – the UK average is 45 hours’ worth of lessons, but you may want to add in more to avoid big gaps between each one.


If the lessons are in the diary, you’ll also be able to budget for them and avoid any last minute financial stresses.


Take a mock test

Your instructor should offer them, but if not make sure you do at least one mock driving test. Getting experience of test routes and test conditions is one of the best ways to prepare for the actual event so you know what to expect.


On the big day…

Unless you have nerves of steel, it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious at the thought of what lies ahead. But by the time your test date comes around you’ll have hundreds of miles of experience under your belt and be well equipped to pass. Remember to keep calm, focus on what the examiner is saying and ask any questions if you don’t understand the instruction.


RoadHow is here to support you in your learner driving experience. Take a look at https://roadhow.co.uk/ to find out how and download our new official app, designed to help learners to be better drivers.